LI, Schaan

International Day of Parent-Child Alienation

Männerfragen is planning an event in LI on 25 April 2024. Further information will follow.

The International Day of Parent-Child Alienation is celebrated every year on 25 April. It was initiated in 2006 as a day of action by the Parental Alienation Awareness Organisation (PAAO) in Canada. This annual day of action is now used worldwide to draw attention to this phenomenon and the associated suffering for the children affected and the marginalised parents.

After separation and divorce, it can happen that a child rejects a parent - for no understandable reason - and this rejection cannot be explained rationally, but rather had a positive, loving relationship with the rejected parent until the parental separation. The rejection of one parent, usually the separated parent, usually arises during "war-like" arguments between the parents in which the child is involved and demands to adopt the negative attitude of one parent towards the other without compromise. This puts the child in an emotional predicament and in great fear of losing the parent who is usually the carer if they want to remain loyal to the marginalised parent in this "battle". Often the only option is to declare the marginalised parent psychologically "dead".

Children can suffer psychological damage as a result of the alienation, which often lasts a lifetime. For this reason, psychologists sometimes speak of emotional child abuse or child maltreatment.

The International Day of Parent-Child Alienation aims to raise awareness of this problem and educate people with the aim of protecting separated children from this fate.

Source: Eltern-Kind-Entfremdung.de - direct link german