Men & Health

Health literacy is the ability for men to make decisions in everyday life that have a positive impact on their own health.


There is no uniform definition. Depending on the scientific discipline, health is understood differently and the subjective concept of health of each individual also varies greatly, e.g. according to age, gender, education and cultural background. In today's world, a scientifically understood narrow concept of health according to the bio-medical model is opposed to a holistic concept of health. Health can refer to the individual and can be understood as a state of physical and mental well-being or physical and mental functioning and performance. Health can also be understood as a counter-term to illness and then describes the desirable normal state as the absence of illness. Health can also be related to a collective, e.g. the population, and then describes the extent of a low burden of disease in a population.

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What MAN should pay attention to!

Those who take care of themselves usually live healthier, longer and with significantly more fun. You don't have to live like an ascetic for that. Quite the opposite. It's the small but continuous changes that make a big impact. Men do not yet pay as much attention to their own health as women. So there is a lot of catching up to do. Bring yourself into shape in this area as well, pay attention to exercise and nutrition.

In the field of men's health, there are numerous studies and new information. For example, on the German homepage Men's Health by Dr. Sommer. Under Science and News you will find new study results as well as interesting and up-to-date information on the subject of men's health, for example on potency & erection, fertility, prostate, testicles, intestines & Co, metabolism, heart, fitness, sports, nutrition.


Cardiovascular diseases cause around 40 percent of all deaths in Germany. Men are significantly more likely to be affected by coronary heart disease than women. Although heart disease usually occurs at an older age, the course for the development of such diseases is often set at a younger age. In addition to abstaining from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, you protect your heart through regular exercise and a varied and fat-conscious diet. But what is heart-healthy food and how can it be integrated into everyday life? The men's health portal of the Federal Center for Health Education provides the answers and provides information and practical tips for a heart-healthy diet.

Stay healthy!

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