Violence knows no boundaries and is arguably older than humanity.



  • Power, authority, the right and means to rule over someone to determine something
  • unlawful action that forces someone to do something
  • (against someone, somewhat recklessly applied) physical or psychological force with which something is achieved
  • (raised) elemental force of imperative effect

Wikipedia writes

The concept of violence and the evaluation of violence changes in the historical and social context.It is also defined and differentiated in different ways depending on the context (e.g. sociology, law, political science). We recommend studying the full article at:

Domestic violence is widespread and not limited to one social class or gender


Forms of physical violence:

  • Parents beat children
  • Men beat women
  • Women beat men
  • Children become violent towards their parents
  • elderly parents in need of care are beaten by relatives
  • or mentally disturbed, old people beat those who care for them.

Forms of psychological violence:

  • Bullying; in the workplace context, the LANV and the bullying counselling centre help here, in the school context the school social work
  • Stalking

People become violent – not monsters

No one is "only" violent, but at the same time a (loving) mother or father, partner or (loving) partner. With a few exceptions, people who beat at home are neither mentally ill, nor crazy, nor evil.

They are trapped in a cycle – their cycle of violence.

Violence is not a solution!