Family & Father's House

We won't leave any man behind or on the street.

In 2013, we founded the Family and Fathers' House in Liechtenstein, taking our cue from the Swiss pilot house Zwüschehalt (see under links). Since then, we have been offering temporary accommodation and support to people in need; mainly men who have to move out of their homes in the context of divorce, domestic violence, ...

The family and father's house is not an actual house, but rather apartments and rooms with families in the country. A model like the existing women's shelter does not allow our financial resources and it does not seem to us to be up-to-date; neither for men nor for women.

Offer content

We offer the following services to men, women and their families:

  • Temporary accommodation (days, weeks, months)
  • Accompaniment in official matters
  • Accompaniment in everyday life
  • Initial consultation in the legal sense
  • Men's Coaching

Cost sharing

During a stay, we will agree with you on a cost sharing, which your financial situation allows.


Heinrich Senti
Project Leader Family & Father's House

Hansjörg Frick
Phone +423 794 07 00