Separation & Divorce

We would like to give couples who are starting to think about a separation help and support for the best possible future – together or apart.

Heiner Krabbe and Roger Weber (judges at the District Court of Zurich) provide guidance for the separation and divorce process. This can make it easier for those affected to deal with the conflicts and feelings.

Below we give an excerpt of this article.

Conflicts are part of life

Especially conflicts in marriage and family. No leaflet can get rid of them, any more than the feelings associated with them. When it comes to separation or divorce, we experience strong feelings of loss, pain, depression, powerlessness, anger, but also those of relief, of new confidence.  All those affected by the conflict experience such feelings. There are certain ways that can make it easier to deal with these conflicts and feelings. We would like to briefly introduce them to you.

If you have a choice, you are spoilt for choice

Couples today are subject to much greater change than they were two or three decades ago. People are largely detached from their traditional relationships and roles, are less dependent on mutual care. In their work and leisure time, they are referred to themselves and their opportunities and risks.  At a time when independence and self-realization of both sexes are very strongly linked to the profession, there is often not enough room for the partner with his or her own goals. From time to time, new regulations and manners have to be found for partnership and work, without there being precise patterns and guidance.

When the conversation becomes difficult

Often, the conversation between the partners is so impaired that they cannot re-establish it without outside help. In such a situation, professional help can support couples. Experience shows that couples can negotiate and settle many issues on their own responsibility, even with the help of a mediator. Even the facilitation of a conversation with each other can be such an issue. The wishes and goals of each partner and their coordination with each other can also be negotiated with each other. Often, couples who cannot yet decide whether they will stay together or separate work out arrangements both in the event that they stay together and in the event that they will separate (separation agreements).


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